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The huge effects of my clients personal branding session

man met baard

'It was somehow like being in a movie, being transformed more and more into the man I really am."

This is my story about the eye-openers I got from my meeting with Jeanine Houben on a Saturday afternoon.

I am Matthias from Germany, 51 years old. In 2015 I felt like never before, that my life would change more and more into a new man somehow. But I did not know how this would happen. So I started going to the gym in May, then in September I was invited by a friend to go to Jeanine. So I thought about this and I decided to go there, although it was about a 6 hours drive. Before we met I had an intake with regard to the personal branding advice by telephone.

Then I experienced a very special and wonderful Saturday afternoon. It took us about 4 hours and it was very interesting for me. Which colours would make me better look, which colours are for business and even there, which colours have more impact for which meetings or occasions.

For me it was amazing, seeing this in a mirror and suddenly knowing, that I was not wrong sometimes, but sometimes I was. I learned more about hairstyle, accessories and complete outfits and I have to say I was really encouraged to change many things in my life. We talked about jobs, cars, watches and shoes as well as about vision for my life.

Do you know how important it is, which colours you wear? How important it could be for your success having the right style and best accessories? It will give you a better feeling, better presence and better effect on people you meet. You will have open doors where there have been closed ones before and you will be more yourself.

I had a wonderful time that Saturday afternoon in the Netherlands. When I got back in Germany, I started immediately seeing things with new eyes.

I bought new jackets in different colours, was more bold to buy interesting colours and some wonderful watches, which gave me a better look. And I was able to talk to a new hairdresser about what Jeanine had said and having a new hairstyle. One day I decided to have a beard as well.

People arround me recognized the change and talked to me about this. All of them were positive and that gave me self-confidence. It also encouraged me to try more and more. Inside of me I felt that this change is important for my whole life. Transforming into the person I am meant to be in Gods eyes is an adventure. And I have to say I really love adventure.

So when I put my new clothes on, including one of my new watches and shoes I really feel better and different. In the near future I have to make a decision about my new car. The personal branding advice stimulates me to think about the various effects of the appearance of my next car which will underline the new style and type of man I really am - amazing! Sports also has its part in this, Jeanine could see this, training the body is important as well.

I have to say thank you to Jeanine, it really was worth driving this long way, it helped changing my life.

Whenever you will have the change to to this, I really want to encourage you meeting with Jeanine Houben for a new branding.

Matthias, Human Resource Manager of a Bank in Germany


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